80th Indiana Volunteer Infantry
An American Civil War Regiment

Below is a roster of the single soldier in the 80th Indiana whose last name began with I.  This roster is arranged alphabetically by last name, then by first name.  It includes (where known) the: highest rank the soldier attained in the 80th; sub-unit (Field & Staff or specific company) that he belonged to; where he resided at the time he joined the 80th; the date he mustered (not enlisted) into the 80th; and a few brief remarks about his service in the 80th.  Here are some other things you should know before you use this roster. 

  • It is based on official State of Indiana records.  Specifically the Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana, 1861-1865, Volumes III, IV, and VIII, (Indianapolis, Indiana, 1866).  The Report lists all the soldiers assigned to the 80th Indiana at one time or another during its nearly 3- year existence.  It contains the most accurate information available.  The original Report is organized by rank, company, and regiment; the webmaster has transcribed the 80th's data into alphabetical order to make it easier to find a specific soldier. 

  • Beware of factual and spelling errors.  Some have been identified; others have not.  Some errors result from mistakes made when the official roster was transcribed; when identified these errors are corrected by the webmaster.  Other errors are present in the original official roster as published by the State of Indiana; none of these errors have been corrected.  When an error in the official roster has been identified and documented, the webmaster will add the correct information [within brackets] where the error appears.  If you suspect or are aware of an error on this page, please contact the webmaster.
  • The following abbreviations are used. Apl.=April; Aug.=August; Co.=Company; Nov.=November; Sergt.=Sergeant; '62=1862; and '63=1863. 

With the data in this roster, you can order copies of this soldier's military service and, if any, pension records from the National Archives in Washington, D.C..  These records usually have additional details about the soldier.  


Name Rank & Unit Residence Muster-In Remarks

 William H. H.

Co. H

Hawthorne's Mills

Aug. 19, '62

1st Sergt.; commissioned Capt. Nov. 24, '62; and resigned Apl. 17, '63 

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