Black and white photograph of Colonel Lewis Brooks, 80th Indiana Infantry, wearing his American Civil War U.S. Army officer's uniform

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80th Indiana Volunteer Infantry
An American Civil War Regiment

Col. Lewis Brooks of the 80th's Field & Staff
Oversaw the 80th's initial training and commanded it at the Battle of Perryville, Ky.
Photograph courtesy of his relative Nancy Niblack Baxter
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"We have march'd along together in the sun and the rain;
We've fac'd the fight together, and together borne the pain!
And each one tells his story of the wound or the scar--
We were comrades together in the days of the war."

--From the song We Were Comrades in the Days of the War
Lyrics by Col. Joe Whitfield, music by Colin Coe

A number of images of the people, places, things, and events associated with the 80th Indiana have survived since the 1800's.  Some are in the public domain; most are in private hands.  This part of the website is intended to attract, display, credit, and preserve as many of the surviving images as possible.  The links below lead to lists of photos, paintings and drawings, almost all of which can be viewed online.  

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