Haubstadt G.A.R. Post

80th Indiana Volunteer Infantry
An American Civil War Regiment

Black and white group photo of the Haubstadt, Gibson County, Indiana, Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Post taken sometime prior to 1893
These men are members of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) post at Haubstadt, Gibson County, Indiana.  The G.A.R. was the veterans organization for men who had served in the Union (Federal) forces during the American Civil War (1861-1865).  Several men in this photo were members of the 80th Indiana during the war.  
Left to right, standing in back row: 1. Seraphine Petitjean, 2. Henry Willem (Corporal, Co. F, 80th Indiana.), 3. Joseph L. Schafer, 4. Christian Reister (Riester, Captain, Co. D, 32nd Ind.), 5. Fred Wehmer, 6. John M. Wolf (1st Lieutenant, Co. F, 80th Ind.), 7. Adam Handel (Co. E, 7th Illinois Cavalry), 8. Jacob Lynn, and 9. Charles Reiffert (Reifert, 1st Lieutenant, Co. F, 32nd Ind.).  Left to right, sitting in front row: 1. Nick Adler, 2. George Ulsomer (60th Ind.?), 3. Adam Emmert (Private, Co. F, 80th Ind.), and 4. Joseph M. Singer (Private, Co. F, 80th Ind.). 

The image was taken prior to 1893 in front of the Emmert Drug Store in Haubstadt.  This image has been cropped and electronically enhanced by Deep Vee Productions from a copy of the original photo, provided courtesy of Adam Emmert's Grandson Roger J. Emmert, with the assistance of William J. Marshall.  Identification of 32nd Indiana veterans is courtesy of Michael A. Peake.

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