Black and white photograph taken after the Civil War of Recruit William P. Males of Company B in civilian clothes with his family Research

80th Indiana Volunteer Infantry
An American Civil War Regiment

Recruit William P. Males of Company F of the 80th Indiana with his family
RG 98S-CWP 214.88, Wm. Schultz College, U.S. Army Military History Institute
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This website is intended to preserve in living memory a knowledge of the soldiers of the 80th Indiana and what they endured and accomplished during the American Civil War. Doing justice to 1,036 men is, of necessity, the work of many hands. All who can contribute information, images, and funds are invited and encouraged to do so. To that end, the following things are being requested.

  • Letters, diaries, speeches, memoirs, articles, etc., by 80th soldiers about their war service.

  • Photographs or drawings of 80th soldiers, in uniform or not, made before, during, or after the war, including family and reunion photos.

  • Military service and pension records from the National Archives.

  • Genealogy information especially details of: when and where a 80th soldier was born; the names of his parents; where he lived and what he did before and after the war; the name(s) of his spouse(s) and their marriage date(s); the names and birth dates of his children; and, his death and burial dates and locations.

  • Articles, obituaries, etc., about 15th soldiers in newspapers and county histories.

  • Civil War-period newspaper articles and official reports about the 80th Indiana.

If you have or know where any of these items are, please contact Scott Cantwell Meeker, the 80th Indiana webmaster, at or 1-608-836-9218 (evenings or weekends Central time zone) or 7307 Vista Court, Middleton, WI 53562.  If you are sending copies (no originals please), please include the source of the information or photo, and written permission to use it on the 80th website.  

Everyone who contributes information and/or images will be credited on the Modern 80th Indiana Volunteers list on the Sources page of this website.  Thank you for helping to keep the memory of these men alive.

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