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Image taken at the 2003 reunion in Loogootee, Ind.
Courtesy of Ray Mulesky 
During their time the surviving veterans of the 80th Indiana held annual reunions.  These were cherished opportunities to hear speeches, exchange remembrances of the war, honor their departed comrades, and generally enjoy themselves.  In 2002 the first-ever reunion of relatives of these men was held.  Those attending took part in the same types of activities as their ancestors. And like them, they decided to hold additional reunions.
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3rd annual reunion is scheduled for mid-May at Resaca, Georgia, in conjunction with the reenactment on the 140th anniversary of the battle there, during which the 80th suffered 50% casualties. 


2nd annual reunion was held Saturday June 7th at Loogootee, Indiana during its Sesquicentennial Festival.  Some 90 men enlisted into the 80th from Loogootee, with most serving in Company B. 


First-ever 80th relatives reunion was held October 5th in honor of the 140th anniversary of the Battle of Perryville, Kentucky, where the 80th suffered heavy casualties in its first experience of combat.

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