Modern Activities

80th Indiana Volunteer Infantry
An American Civil War Regiment

"When the comrades have departed,
when the veterans are no more,
When the bugle call is sounded on that everlasting shore.
When life's weary march is ended,
when campfires slumber long;
Who will tell the world the story,
when the boys in Blue are gone?"

--When the Boys in Blue are Gone
 a poem by John Hendricks

While nearly a century and a half has passed since the men of the 80th Indiana risked their lives for their country, memories of their lives and remnants of their deeds survive in public places and private homes, to be found, preserved, studied, and understood.  This website is one result of such efforts.  A series of reunions is another.  If you are interested in being involved in an 80th Indiana-related activity, please contact this site's Webmaster, Scott Cantwell Meeker, at <>.
Activities Descriptions


How to participate in uncovering and publishing the history of the 80th Indiana and its soldiers.


Past and planned reunions of people related to men who served in the 80th, and persons interested in the regiment.. 


Past and planned reenactments of battles the 80th Indiana originally took part in.


Visiting and preserving the original places where the 80th served and fought during the American Civil War.

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