80th Indiana Fighting at Perryville
Illustration by H. Mosler

Illustration by H. Mosler of the 80th Indiana in the Battle of Perryville, Kentucky

This illustration by H. Mosler is of the October 8, 1862, battle at Perryville, Kentucky, (also referred to as the battle at Chaplin Hills).  It was published in the November 1, 1862, issue of Harper's Weekly.  According to Dr. Kenneth Hafendorfer, author of the book Perryville: Battle for Kentucky, the illustration shows the 80th Indiana Infantry in the foreground and the 19th Indiana Light Artillery in the right middle ground.  They are defending against an attack by Confederate forces under the command of Major General Benjamin Cheatham.  Part of the attacking forces can be faintly seen just below the house in the center middle left.  Identification of the 80th as the unit shown is supported by an account of its movements during the battle, written by Maj. George T. Simonson of the 80th's Field & Staff.  To read a transcript of the letter, which was quoted in the October 25, 1862 issue of the Princeton Clarion newspaper, click HERE.

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